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Do you know the moment when you found exactly what was right for you? I do. It was on my son's 16th birthday. We had gathered at a friends house to celebrate his and a friends birthdays. It was the first cake I had made from scratch, the first cake I took a chance with by adding ganache with cookie filling and chocolate fudge frosting. I didn't think much of it until many people at the event said I could make a business out of it because it was "that good".

Fast forward 16 years. My son is now 32 and I have not looked back in my baking career. I have spent this time honing my skills, creating my very own recipes and gathering all that is needed to run a successful home bakery while filling so many orders. I put all my effort in making each and every order the best I can so there may be times, especially during the holidays, that I can only take so many orders. So, please put your orders in as early as possible.

Oh, and if you are wondering how I came up with such a great name for my business ;-), for so many years my husband would add to his many business conversations, "Hey, did you know that Toni makes cakes?", and it has stuck!


I have grown from simple cakes to 3D masterpieces, wedding giants, cookies and specialty designs.  I pride myself at being able to say that I CAN do what a customer wants, not matter how big or small. 

I love what I do and am so excited to work with you on your special event. Remember, if you can think it up, I will find a way to get it done to make your special event the very best.

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